Towards zero: Creating safer roads with Cellular-V2X

The Victorian Government in Australia is taking steps to reduce trauma on its roads through its ”Towards Zero” road safety action plan. As a part of the action plan the Government is conducting trials of new technologies that can improve road safety, including C-ITS. Ericsson and Telstra, in a cross-industry partnership including a government agency, road authorities, operator, network provider and vehicle original equipment manufacturer (OEM), demonstrate how the existing cellular network can be used to increase safety outcomes on roads, now and in the near future.

In this joint webinar, speakers from Telstra and Ericsson explained the various benefits and deployments needs for Cellular Service Providers (CSPs) to optimize and leverage 4G/5G radio networks and a C-V2X platform for C-ITS services.

Cellular technology has a role to play in the “Towards Zero” vision; human error is far more likely to cause accidents than overtly dangerous driving, which is why the development of viable Cooperative Intelligent Transport Systems (C-ITS) is an area being explored.

Ericsson and Telstra, in partnership with Lexus Australia, TAC, Vic Roads, and the Victoria State government, conducted this Australian-first C-V2X trial. The webinar will provide insights into how the cellular network can be used to increase safety outcomes on roads and will provide a glimpse into how 5G could shape the future of the automotive industry.

Who should attend?
Service providers, analysts, government and automotive industry representatives, to receive technological insights of this unique partnership and trial to increase road safety, supporting their efforts in leveraging investments in a smart way.