Ubiquitous 5G transport
Webinar, on-demand

Speakers: Hemant Malik, Head of Product Line Transport, Business Area Networks
Hans Mähler, Head of Microwave Systems, Business Area Networks

5G deployments have started in dense urban areas. The next frontier will be to build 5G coverage and improve 4G outside the city centers.  High-quality mobile broadband and radio network performance will depend heavily on the ability of the transport network. Therefore, it is key to start preparing the transport network now for maintaining good user experience also beyond dense urban areas!

For service providers who extend 5G outside the city centers and need to meet the capacity, latency and IP capabilities on their networks, we offer a complete transport toolbox for 5G, consisting of 5G ready wireless and fiber-based backhaul, fronthaul and backbone networks.

Topics discussed:

  • How to use microwave, IP router and optical solutions for ubiquitous and cost-efficient 5G transport.
  • Marketing leading microwave portfolio with MINI-LINK 6000, short - and long haul products supporting 5G. 
  • Portfolio evolution, including increased capacity and density of Router 6000 and Fronthaul 6000 families, for flexible and modular mobile transport solutions.  

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